Saturday, October 17, 2009

make THEM proud (",)

there was a time that i wished i can rewind the past. a time where i still know nothing about morse code. a time where my tears are rolling on my cheeck learning CW with my strict sifu, 9M2GET, a time where i can break the code sent by my CW coach, 9M2YAS. frankly, i missed my CW classes, and sometimes i am eager to be at home before 10 p.m and suddenly i realized that my classes was over for the past 11 days.
making people proud of you was something that u always dream of. i was beginning losing my faith when i only copied 12 words instead of 36 in a few lessons with 9M2YAS. it was indeed a horrified situation for me. i started to think that this is not my stuff, i created thousands of reasons to tell my husband that i wanted to quit, i prayed to God to released me from this misery, and i'm not going to Cyberjaya because i was afraid that i might let them down.
But still, the class went on, the thousands reasons was shut in my mouth, and without i noticed it, i was preparing for the battle in Cyberjaya. And it all just because of one word:


Thursday, October 15, 2009

(adapted from
I didn't quite know Hairi/9M2GET when I first met him in Perlis. Hairi approached me one day after the lecture on GPRS asking for my prayer as he would be sitting a CW test together with a few more persons including 9M2YAS. He said he wanted a T-Shirt like what I presented to Azman. I wished him all the best.
As soon as he passed is Morse he came on 7.015 to work me. So was Illias/ 9M2YAS. After a few sessions he told me that his wife would also sit for the exam. I started to design TShits for 9M2YAS and 9M2GET once I found their CW ws reaching my award speed of 18 wpm. When the time came I went to Arau to send the T-Shirt. Hairi told me his wife ability in copying and showed me her style of jotting the characters listened. The teacher was 9M2YAS.

There were several students. The regular class went on 144.625 MHZ. I can't hear them from Alor Setar. When I worked Hairi I was so sure that she would also try to copy. My formula is simple; if she could copy my sending at that speed she would surely passed her test. But as a lady and a mother as well a teacher she is always busy. She did not believe that she could do it. CW is not for ladies. But Hairi motivate her saying it should be easy for her as a linguistic teacher.
9M2YAS said the pass was not due to his coaching. It came from within. She organized herself in learning. She systematized it in her way. What the coach said was in fact a mirror of himself. He studied hard too in his own way. It was the belief and the guts.
I promised her that I will present the T-Shirt as soon as she pass, no need to work me at 18 wpm CW. Now we are all waiting for the ticket and in the meantime Hairi is erecting a taller tower.
What I am looking at is the positive thinking stuff and the attitudes. People who are willing to venture and fight against the odds. You survive one and you survive the other. The rate of survival is higher than those who only hope for helps without any effort to help themselves.

The battle is not over yet. I asked them to come on CW using English. Hairi use to work me bi-lingual. 50-50. 50 Malay and 50 English. Now he comes on 100%. I want the chat to be understood by international community who listen. There are plenty of people listening to CW chats and copying them as well. But there will be days the QSOs will be in Malay 80% and 20% English. When I worked Don YB6LD 90% of our CW QSOs were in English. All rag chew.
Great Hams have stories to tell on how they learned Morse. And they keep all their notes from the time they copy nonsense until they were able to copy just a single word and shouted 'Eureka !!!'.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

TerIma KAsih 9M2MGL di AtAS pENGhargAAn (",)


Apakah rahsia disebalik kejayaan seorang Sri Kandi Perlis ini,sehingga membuatkan semua rakan tertanya-tanya,sebagai wanita bekerjaya,hobi dan juga seorang suri rumah,saya cuba mengupas rahsia disebalik kejayaan beliau yang membuktikan tiada apa yang tidak mampu dicapai apabila kesungguhan mengatasi segalanya.Kita ikuti pededahannya yang diminta oleh saya untuk dikongsi bersama ...
(dipetik dari laman )

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

buku latihan CW saya...

(kertas jawapan asal CW test). kalau ada sesapa yang perasan, i copied with a unique way, iaitu dengan cara menulis dari atas ke bawah, dan 9M2GET selalu marah sebab dia kata "oja, you bazir masa kalau tulis macam ni". but as always, aku buat tak tau je..hahah

bukan sekadar omongan kosong

masih terbayang raut wajah 9m2GET dan 9m2YAS sewaktu mereka mengetahui bahawa aku lulus CW. senyuman itu terbawa-bawa hingga ke dalam kereta dan menemani perjalanan kami selama 9 jam. nafasku yang tersekat sekat hampir 5 bulan kembali normal. kejayaan ini aku kongsi bersama sparing partnerku, 9w2ZRZ (zuri). syukurlah dia juga berjaya. senyum kelatnye sudah hilang. memang terbukti dia mekanik yang luar biasa, full of determination.congrats my friend..
mengimbas kembali detik berada di dalam auditorium,i smiled to myself. walau kail hanya sejengkal, lautan yang luas mampu juga ku renang. sekali lagi thanx for the doas/supports.i am who i am today because of the chance i made yesterday. and the best memories are the ones you cant explain, you just had to be there!

Friday, October 2, 2009


menjelang CW test..

malam bukan lagi seperti malam2 yang biasa...dalam tempoh beberapa hari lagi, aku akan bertarung dengan bunyi dit dan dah. the performance was quite good.9m2get and 9m2yas said that i've reache the level that they've expected. betul ke?dunno..maybe yes since i dont realise it. there's still a lot 2 learn, practice to level up my endurance.
i wish i will succeed, i wish i'll make everyone proud of me,i wish everything will go smoothly as everyone had prayed hard for me, i wish i'll not fool myself on that day and i wish that all my wishes come true. thanks for all the doas/prayers/supports. may Allah bless us all. Amin n wish me luck (",)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

a-challenging-yet-interesting lesson

salam. kelas CW aku berlanjutan malam ini. it was my 8th lesson with 9m2yas (former 9w2yeh). how could i describe this lesson?challenging?interesting?or both?hah..learning CW with my sifu is something that nobody can imagine.he was such a-born-patient-teacher that i've ever met. well, not to forget, my husband, 9m2get, was very supportive.but sometimes he can be the most strict sifu.
passage mlm ni berkisar tentang kopitiam di jalan hang tuah. luckily i managed to "translate" most of the words except 'istimewa'. still, i was sooo worried 'bout sitting for the exam. have faith oja...
i said to my husband that i cant work under stress, my mind will get stuck. moreover, aku ada terbaca something dlm blog 9m2ar. he was should i put this...he was like 'announcing' to other station that hairi's wife is working very hard to sit for that scary-mellow exam. adoi...takutnye.
however, as i said earlier, i try to be the best, not just becoz i want to beat the rest, but because i'm 9M2GET's XYL. i'm going to make him proud this september. luv you babe!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When Will This Pain Go Away? these few days, i keep thinking to myself that i have A VERY BIG responsibility. and as always, i'll reflect myself wether i've made a right sit for CW test. whenever i thought 'bout it, i will feel a small pain just like from a tip of a sharp knife at my heart. it's not because i dont have faith towards my sifu, 9M2YAS, but towards myself.
the question wether i'll pass or not keep popping inside my head. i tried, sooooo hard to ease myself but still i can feel that everyone is waiting to see this YL ( XYL of 9M2GET) get through with it.
so help me GOD, make their wish and my wish come true..Amiinnn.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HilanG YaNg TiaDa BergANti...

Dunia HAM ini dipenuhi dengan pelbagai ragam dan jenis manusia. walaupun baru setahun usia lesen dari MCMC, ia bukanlah satu sebab yang boleh membutakan aku dengan karenah manusia. adakalanya karenah yang aku anggap agak kebudak-budakan ini tidak sepatutnya ada dalam jiwa seorang pemegang lesen bergelar 9W2, yang kononnya sebelum ini digembar gemburkan sebagai rakan HAM sejati.

mengutuk, hidup 'berpuak -puak' (lagak kaum nomad), tidak puas hati dengan kelebihan atau kejayaan orang lain, bagaikan sudah sebati dengan jiwa mereka. mungkin ada yang akan berkata, 'bukan semua rakan HAM macam tu,' atau mungkin akan ada suara2 yang membidas "ek eleh, macam la dia tu bagus sangat,', namun itulah hakikat yang harus diterima oleh kita.

sudah hilangkah semangat juang rakan HAM yang saling hormat menghormati? tidak kira lah samada 9W2 @ 9M2,pokoknya jika dilihat,rasa hormat itu sudah semakin hilang. sekarang nilai moral kita semakin jauh kebelakang. perilaku kita ada kalanya sudah hampir melangkaui batas. luckily we still have friends who we can rely on, dan golongan minoriti inilah yang akan mengekalkan status @ gelaran 'RAKAN HAM SEJATI'.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

a GoOd STaRT

kelas CW aku bermula secara x formal bila 9w2LLK mula hantar borang to sit 4 the exam. well, to be frank, i'm totally showing NO interest in that kind of things. Malam2 aku mula dipenuhi dengan bahasa2 'dit' & 'da'. and i keep asking myself "bila la smua ni nak berakhir?".
8.4.09 - 9w2LLK sit 4 the exam. alhamdulillah LULUS. so meaning that he'll be the new 9M2 di perlis ni la (along with 9W2YEH of course). wah..masa 2 aku mula pasang angan2 nak ambik exam jugok.
10.4.09 - kelas formal CW aku bermula. agak mudah pada awalnya. maybe sebab aku dah biasa dengan bunyi2 dit dan da tu , so it's quite easy 4 me 2 get myself familiar with few alphabets;
but still, there're lots 2 learn. jgn kata CW ni senang. kalo agok2 senang 2, jom..kita race kat track cyberjaya bulan 9 ni..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is my Life

Monday, March 9, 2009

BuaTMu ya MUHammAD..INsaN AGunG..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i'M nOt heRe 4 NOthiN'

seringkali tatkala amarah menguasai diri, kita lupa di mana kita sedang berdiri...seringkali juga kita melampiaskannya pada insan lain, sebagai alasan untuk ketenangan diri...bukankah itu satu kelemahan, yang jarang sekali kita akui? lets diz year bring love, n bless, n joy, n success n strength to all of us...(sekadar renungan)

Monday, January 5, 2009

FRom THe boTTom Of mY HEarT...